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Be Limitless, Change the way you charge your EV with CHOGORI's Cutting-edge ES-CT6 Charging Gun

release time:12.19 2023source: Chogori Technology Co., Ltd

A charging gun and inlet is the most essential components in an electric vehicle charging system OR often termed as "EVSE" (Electric Vehicle Supply equipment). It facilitates the user for safe transfer of electricity from the mains to the vehicle. EVSE must be designed carefully by considering various factors such as form factor, electrical isolation, government regulations and protocols.

Chogori has strived to incorporate several regulations over the last few months whilst ensuring ES-CT6 charging gun is interoperable with those EVSE (Charging gun and Inlets) available in the market. The product is rated for 120V AC, 25A for power, ingress protection IP55, mating cycles more than 10K. The wire gauge for power can cable up to 12AWG. ES–CT6 electrifys your journeys with the state of the art interconnect solutions from the house of CHOGORI.

Salient Features:
Compliant with IS17017_2_6 /IEC 62196-6

Can be easily accommodated in the under-seat storage

CKD Design
Complete Knock Down Design For Localized Cable Assembly

Upgrade to ES/CT-6 and elevate your experience forever!