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Enhancing Electric Vehicle Performance with Advanced Connectors

release time:08.16 2023source: Chogori Technology Co., Ltd

Connectors serve as crucial coupling devices that enable electrical terminations to form seamless circuits. They facilitate the connection of wires, cables, printed circuit boards, and electronic components. In the realm of electric vehicles (EVs), connectors play a pivotal role, directly impacting various features and functionalities. The design, reliability, and performance of connectors greatly influence the overall performance of EV components.


Chogori: Pioneering EV Connector Solutions Since 2014


Chogori has been at the forefront of E2W (Electric Two-Wheeler) and E3W (Electric Three-Wheeler) connectors since 2014. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Chogori offers a comprehensive range of connector solutions, catering to applications spanning from low to high current in battery and motor charging and discharging. Continuously striving to meet market demands and leveraging their wealth of experience, Chogori has consistently improved and developed new products.


Introducing the Bourbon Series: Unleashing Advanced Connector Capabilities


One exemplary addition to Chogori's impressive portfolio is the Bourbon series, which epitomizes cutting-edge connector technology. Let's explore the key specifications and features that make it a game-changer.


Basic Specifications: Versatility Meets Power


The Bourbon series boasts three distinct configurations:


2 power pins + 1 charging pin + 7 signal pins

2 power pins + 8 signal pins

3 power pins + 6 signal pins


These configurations provide a wide range of options to suit various EV requirements. The power pins offer a robust rated current range, from 70A to 80A, while the charging pin accommodates up to 25A. With an impressive ingress protection level of IP67, the Bourbon series ensures optimal performance even in challenging environments.


Locking Mechanism: Stability and User-Friendliness Combined


Chogori has implemented an innovative four-locking dot push lock nut for the Bourbon series. This mechanism guarantees a secure and stable connection, with enhanced resistance to vibrations. Moreover, the rotating pull-out design allows for effortless unlocking, enabling users to disengage the connector single-handedly, even in confined spaces.


Applications: Empowering EVs with Bourbon Connectors


The versatility of the Bourbon series renders it indispensable for various EV applications:


Bourbon 2(power) + 8(signal): Designed for battery discharging in electric two- or three-wheelers, this configuration excels in delivering reliable power transmission for optimal performance.

Bourbon 3(power) + 6(signal): This configuration is tailored for motors in electric two- or three-wheelers and lawnmowers. Its exceptional anti-vibration features ensure reliable and stable connectivity. Additionally, the panel's high working temperature tolerance of up to 125℃ makes it ideal for demanding motor environments.


Chogori's unwavering dedication to providing state-of-the-art connector solutions has revolutionized the electric vehicle industry. The Bourbon series, with its versatile configurations, advanced locking mechanism, and application-specific features, exemplifies Chogori's commitment to driving innovation in the EV space. By leveraging Chogori's cutting-edge connectors, manufacturers can enhance the performance, reliability, and functionality of their electric vehicles, paving the way for a sustainable and electrified future.


Article by: Lily Ma, Product Manage