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CHOGORI Middle Series 3 Pins Connectors are widely applied in LED display industry as power supply connector while can load 20A big current and meet the request of LED display. With reliable performance and plugs mated being stable, it ensures the effect of LED display.

Waterproof grade over IP67, it ensures the long life span in outdoor environment. It is designed with Push lock type with spring self locking in 0.5-1s in LED display application. Compared to traditional screw mating way (5-8s), push lock type saves 50% both time and labor, and support single hand operation. 

Different color for Power-in and Power-out connectors can help for identification and avoid short circuit. With CCC and UL certificate, it is unimpeded in domestic and foreign markets, eliminating customer's worries.


Middle series 3 pins connectors are widely applied in LED outdoor display industry. With 5 years of market testing, reliable performance and ease of installment, this series is loved by customers. It's our pleasure to supply 50,000 sets waterproof connectors for Shenzhen Retop LED Display Co.,Ltd “Opening Ceremony Pujiang 400 meters and 6000 square meters outdoor display" projects.