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M15 Series





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A. Obvious marks to show screw down

There is obvious mark to show when you mating. It's ok when the arrow mark on the male plug is within the arrow marks range on the female plug.

B. No water storage
Inside screw nut doesn't glued with housing, so there is no hidden water storage. To make sure waterproof function.

C. Insert patented Newsok contacts (Contact parts are composed of highly reliable Netsok contacts and solid pins )

Operating Temperature:
Rated Voltage: 500V
Rated Current: 10A
Waterproof Rating: IP68
Material of Plastic: Nylon
Cable (optional): -40℃~80℃
rubber cable

1. Provide a variety of modules connections (Drawings are attached below attached drawing illustration as below).
2. Flexible wiring connections based on national and local dimension standard.
3. 500V voltage rating is conducive to the expansion/ compatibility of in series solutions.
4. High level waterproof protective IP68.

5. Solid copper contact parts, resistant to salt spray test over 48hours.

More than 2 million street market application modules validated our reliable quality

From the beginning of 2012 original development, to the second half of 2012 repeated verification and trial production, to the market in early 2013, Chogori continued follow-up on customer feedback, continuous improvement and update. 

Currently M15 series is very mature and stable product, has shipped two million PCS.