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CPL Series





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1. CPL Connectors
Utilizing Chogori latest NEWSOK technology, Chogori CPL product is the answer to HEV/EV where a custom, reliable, easy to install, and cost effective solution is required. CPL has ary Lock, HVIL optional, Multi Polarization.

2. CPL 4.0 Connectors
Chogori CPL4.0 Connector is designed for EV's medium and small current application. In the supplementary CPL4.0 product all advantages at the same time, the 2&4 position small size design can be adapt to the ap plication in narrow
space better.

3. Technical Data and Features
IP67 & Shielding
Automatic Secondary Lock
1-3Ption Available
90 D and 180 D plug

Voltage Rating: 1000V DC
Current Rating: 20 A~500 A
Mating Cycle: <500 times

Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C