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The 10th anniversary of CHOGORI

release time:02.05 2018source: Chogori Technology Co., Ltd

A decade has passed quickly as we developed our markets and customers in LED displays, streetlight applications, landscaping projects, digital/water meters, marine, automation, telecommunications, electric vehicles, etc.

We have transformed significantly in the adoption of lean management, recognized in our TS16949, APQP system and processes, and have achieved phenomenal audit ratings by customers and world recognized certification companies.

The frontline sales force & field application engineers have grown to more than 50 people covering China, Europe, Asia, India & America. A very tough and resilient group working relentlessly with customers, covering long distances and even sleeping outdoors in freezing temperatures. 

This reflects the culture of the company, and where it originates its name from "K2" peak, the second highest mountain in the world and also known as "Savage Mountain" due to the extreme difficulty of ascent.

As Chogori starts its second decade of the journey, we continue to imprint our vision to gather the world's best talents, provide our customers with complete connectivity solutions, reliably connecting their advanced technologies to every part of the world.