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Chogori NEWSOK Technology

release time:11.14 2017source: Chogori Technology Co., Ltd

November 2017 - Chogori had been awarded its NEWSOK Technology, the invention patent by Germany - No. 11 2010 005 496, after been awarded the patents in China in 2013 and the United States in 2015.

NEWSOK Technology is based upon a stamped and formed flat grid, uniquely twisted into a hyperbolic geometry to provide robust, high density contact to the mating pin.

Chogori connectors and assemblies feature small size, lower cost and high current rating for use in many industries, including electric vehicles based on its patented NEWSOK contact technology.

The invention patent awarded by Germany gives Chogori flexibility to further develop its brand and solutions, establishing the company as a pre-eminent connector player in Europe.

Invention patent numbers:
Germany - 11 2010 005 496
China   - ZL2010 1 0220338.C
USA     - 8,959,763,B2