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Chogori's Thailand Facility To Start Connector Production From November 2023

release time:09.12 2023source: Chogori Technology Co., Ltd

Chogori specialises in producing connectors and cables that are robust, dust-proof, and waterproof. Chogori's products are used in various harsh industrial and outdoor applications, including electric bikes, electric motorcycles, industrial automation, marine electronics, renewable energy, engineering machinery, and other emerging industries.

Chogori Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. expects to commence operations in November 2023 to serve its customers better and accommodates business growth. Located in Rayong province, the initial phase will comprise of 25 production lines and an annual production volume of over 2 million sets of connector assemblies.

In the second expansion phase, the company will increase production facilities based on customer and market demands to meet expectations.

About Chogori

Chogori was founded in 2007 and established its "Lean Management Philosophy" in 2013. The company has been a market leader in E2W (electric two-wheeler) and E3W (electric three-wheeler) connectors since 2014.