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A Heartwarming Initiative: Unveiling Our New Children's Play Centre

release time:08.29 2023source: Chogori Technology Co., Ltd

Today marked a heartening visit to our Dongguan site, where a brand-new Children's Play Centre, crafted by our dedicated colleagues just last month, pleasantly caught my attention.

The play centre exudes an atmosphere of charm and safety, offering a delightful haven for children to engage in joyful play while their parents devote themselves to their work. As we find ourselves amidst the summer break with school doors temporarily closed, the challenges of tending to young ones who are not yet independent at home become apparent. In a truly commendable response, our colleagues took it upon themselves to bridge this gap by conceptualizing and establishing a children's play centre right within our company premises. This compassionate gesture not only enables parents to work with peace of mind but also showcases the thoughtful ethos of our team.

Witnessing the sincere dedication of our colleagues moved me profoundly. Their commitment to enhancing both the professional and personal lives of our team members is a testament to the kind of camaraderie that sets our workplace apart. Truly, it is a convergence of efforts that has given rise to this wonderful children's play centre, reflecting the spirit of our wonderful team.

May the summer holiday be a time of unbridled joy for all the children, as we continue to nurture a workplace that values compassion and innovation.