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Chogori Technology Launches its Smallest Connectors for Pedelacs

release time:12.18 2017source: Chogori Technology Co., Ltd

Chogori Technology is honoured and privileged to work with leaders in the eBike industry for the development of our new and smallest range of connectors.

Rated for 2A at 48VAC/60VDC, these connectors are small, at 8mm outside diameter and robust in IP66 operating environment.

These connectors are cable-to-cable connectors used in displays and speed throttles, offered in 5, 6 pins and cable-to-panel connectors used in speed sensors offered in 2 pins.

Our 2+2 connector is rated at 10A+2A respectively, offered in 4 pins configured in cable-to-panel connectors for use in motors.

Chogori also offers full customization of connector solutions for used in charging and discharging with the battery and work with many customers in all aspects of the supply chain for eBike.