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Product characteristics:
The high voltage power supply system of electric control elements on the car together, and these components are installed on the high-voltage power distribution box, which comprises a box body, BMS, DC fuses, relays, maintenance switches, high-voltage connectors, insulation board, terminal and cable accessories, a collection of short circuit protection, overtemperature protection, temperature protection. Overcurrent protection, over voltage protection (under), insulation monitoring, output on-off control, intelligent charging control and other functions, and in the case of an integrated pre charging circuit, by detecting the battery voltage and the load voltage, by comparing the two voltage pre charge control, and has easy plug connector, convenient the inside of the box body check and replace the fuse, the realization of PTC two speed control, good insulation performance, safety, compact and other advantages.

Application: mainly used for electric vehicles with multiple high voltage components (motor, electric air conditioner, PTC and DC/DC, etc.)