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Rugged, Compact & Cost Effective Power Interconnect Solution:
1. Utilizing Chogori latest NEWSOK technology, Chogori NEWLOK product line was designed with compactness and robustness in mind.
2. Power Interconnect products on today's market often require additional mounting hardware (e.g. washers, clamps, bolts, nuts) prone to costly labor and consume human resources upon installation and maintenance routine.
3. Coupling with Chogori's NEWLOK PIN, the one nger operated lock feature allows user connects any power distribution/storage system in a quick and secure manner.
4. NEWLOK product line is the answer to industries where a custom, reliable, easy to install, rugged, and cost effective solution is required.

Product features:
Rated current: 500A - 70A
Rated voltage: DC 1000V
High cycle durability: 500 times
Free tool mechanical lock
Conform to ROHS

Rated current: 500A - 70A
Rated voltage: 1000V
Temperature class: oC~ 125oC -40 (including Wen Sheng)
Flame retardant grade: V-0 UL94
Plug times: 500 Min