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◆En 2012
CHOGORI USA is established.

◆En 2011
Products in the shenzhen Universiade Bay Sports to be extensive used of display.

◆En 2010
products in the Opening Ceremony of World Expo to be extensive used of main LED display (9800 square meter).

◆En 2009
Products in the Asian Games,National Day Celebration,The Spring Festival Gala to be extensive use of

◆En 2008
products in the Olympics four key projects to be extensive use of

◆En 2007
CHOGORI set up the independent production factory.

◆En 2006
Application for registration "CHOGORI" Trademark.

◆En 2005
Introduction of a new generation of Middle series of IP68 grade waterproof connectors.

◆En 2004
Our products have been used into the LED application areas,and has been applied to important projects in the country.

◆ En 2002
The first generation of IP68 waterproof connector products in the self-application,and obtain the certificate of Shenzhen high-tech projects.